Current Grants

Accountable Care Organizations & Surgical Care

Study Aims

  1. To determine the impact that ACOs have on surgical spending and quality.

  2. To evaluate for clinical heterogeneity in ACO effects on surgical care delivery.

  3. To assess how heterogeneity in policy implementation affects surgical care delivery.

Figure 3: Conceptual Framework for Assessing ACO Effects on Surgical Care

Accountable Care Organizations & Specialty Care

Study Aims

  1. To measure the effects of ACOs on PCP-specialist referral networks.

  2. To assess the effects of ACOs on specialists’ treatment decisions.

  3. To determine the effects of ACOs on the efficiency of the treatment episode.

Figure 3. Conceptual Model for Understanding the Effects of ACOs on Specialty Care

Pathways to Success: Effects on Clinical Quality and Costs among Older Patients

Study Aims

  1. To examine decisions around MSSP participation and the impact that these decisions have on an organization’s approach to care delivery after launch of Pathways to Success.

  2. To assess the effects of MSSP exit on clinical quality and costs among older patients.

  3. To evaluate for unintended consequences on older patients from continued participation.

Figure 2. Conceptual Model for Evaluating the Accelerated Shift to Downside Risk in MSSP ACOs

Real-World Effectiveness of PPT for Patients with Kidney Stones

Study Aims

  1. To evaluate the impact that PPT has on clinical outcomes.

  2. To examine patient tolerability for PPT.

  3. To determine the healthcare costs associated with PPT use.

Figure 1. Analytical Framework for the Evaluation of PPT

Primary Care Involvement in End-Stage Renal Disease Seamless Care Organizations (ESCOs)

Study Aims

  1. To assess ESCO effects on interactions among nephrologists and PCPs or other specialists.

  2. To assess the impact that increased PCP involvement has on ESCO financial performance and clinical outcomes.

  3. To compare the costs and outcomes of care for chronic dialysis patients as a function of PCP involvement in ESCOs, versus MSSP ACOs.

Figure 3. Conceptual Framework for Integration of ESCOs and Primary Care